Silver Lining Chimney Sweeps


Price List and Basic Info


Chimneys need to be cleaned to remove creosote that builds up from burning wood in the fireplace.  The basic
process takes about an hour.  We tarp off thefront of the fireplace to protect the carpet and use  and
a high efficiency vacuum to control the dust.  After cleaning out the chimney, the damper area, the fireplace and the gas
log lighter I look things over for safety problems.  Then I get up on the roof to check the top of the chimney.  If I spot a
problem we will take a digital photo and an estimate on your invoice with the inspection details.

Pre-Fab's and Open Face Places (masonry) $135.00 & up

Woodstoves or Woodstove Inserts  $145.00 & up

Utility Flue $125.00

The best investment you can make to protect your chimney is a good quality chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents entry of rain, leafs and animals and helps contain sparks. Chimney caps can also help solve certain chimney performance problems.

Chimney caps $155.00 and up

Dryer Vent Cleanings $115.00 and up

Galvanized Rain Pan- $320.00 & up
Black Steel - $365.00 & up
Gutter Cleaning - $95.00 and up






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